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January 18th 2018

Good Morning!
Today’s Bible reading is – 10 Tell the godly that all will be well for them. They will enjoy the rich reward they have earned! Isaiah 3:10 (NLT)
We tend to look at words like judgment and consequences as being only evil but that choice is actually ours: judgment is going to according to our works for the saved soul an our judgment will be according to what we have done. Those that have lived according to God’s righteous standard to the best of their ability because of the Love that Jesus has given them do not fear judgment even though they know they have done wrong things daily. The judgment of the righteous will yield great reward but the reward of the wicked will be the dread, hurt, and pain they caused others many fold forever. To an entire human race of people born under condemnation; the coming judgment will be about their natural corruption of sin that God can’t stand: no amount of good work can overcome our wickedness. The Righteousness that wipes our slate clean and brings us into a relationship with God is through Christ’s payment for our sin: once we are forgiven each work we do is judged according to its eternal value and we will be rewarded for the works that stand the trial by fire’s test: the only way to leave behind the nature of Condemnation is to Believe in Jesus and confess He is your Lord and Saviour. So… Believing God is the way we “Earn” the rich reward stated in today’s reading: obedience only comes from giving your Savior the proper place in your life and your actions will match your belief… If you believe Jesus is the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of your universe your actions will be according to your belief.
3 For the Scriptures tell us, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.” Romans 4:3 (NLT)
Whether I am in a moment of strength and certain I am doing everything according to God’s plan or in a day of struggle wondering what is going on… did I commit some terrible wrong in my dream and my strength is gone… My righteousness is that Christ paid the debt for my sin… it is in those terrible days where everything seems wrong in me that I understand His Righteousness in me because He is the strength and Truth that brings me through it: His Righteousness is the only Righteousness that counts. Will I be rewarded in Heaven for my righteous works? According to His Word yes! But what that exactly means doesn’t matter and frankly I don’t understand it and I know I don’t deserve it… His presence in me by His Holy Spirit indwelling in me has made me right with Him and Right with God the Father: His work in me has moved mountains of sin as far away as east is from west from me so I can dwell in Him: He deserves my complete obedience and adoration… Jesus deserves my Best because He gave His all for me. He is the only difference in me from those around me whose reward is still eternal Condemnation: shouldn’t they be told they don’t have to receive that natural reward but Jesus Righteousness can be imputed to their account and their everything changed too? We have righteous Work to be about doing!
Good Day and Godspeed!

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